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Emerson announces Transformer- free UPS Offering


 Emerson Network Power has introduced the new Liebert GXT MT+ CX uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with 1/2/3 kVA capacity in India. The availability of the true double conversion online back-up power feature on this new UPS system makes it a reliable and uninterruptible power supply source for optimal running of small data centers, data networks, voice networks and process automation equipment, even in harsh power environments.

The Liebert GXT MT+ CX model will be sold through various channels including VAR’s (Value Added Resellers), IT Resellers, Distributors and Business Partners in India. A major feature of this product is its adjustable battery charging current of up to 16 Amps. Additionally, this UPS also has a high output power factor of up to 0.8 which allows for more efficient utilization for business continuity as well as mission critical IT equipment.

Speaking at the launch, Gopakumar Ambujakshan, Director of product management for small and micro UPS for Emerson Network Power in India said, “Our Liebert UPS product portfolio has been designed and developed precisely to address the industry challenge of power outages and provide a safe shield against blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges and noise interference. This new Liebert UPS, provides organisations with the guaranteed availability, exceptional efficiency levels and the peace of mind they demand for business continuity. A major enhancement to our Liebert portfolio, this new product emphasizes our commitment to customers and also ensures that our partners can provide best-in-class solutions and products that help grow their business. In today’s connected world wherein businesses across industries need to have access to data 24×7, a reliable and uninterruptible power supply becomes extremely important.”

With provision for extra back up, the new Liebert UPS reduces overall energy costs, thereby reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). Other features include zero transfer time and an easily selectable Eco-Mode which allows for improved energy efficiency, making the solution a good choice when it comes to easy serviceability and intelligent ready networking options.

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