IT News Alert:GDPR-Represents-Big-Opportunity-for-Channel-Commvault

GDPR Represents Big Opportunity for Channel: Commvault

 Commvault has announced continued business expansion by its ecosystem of channel partners worldwide as a result of the implementation of the Commvault Data Platform as the foundation of wider General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) solutions.

Scott Strubel, Commvault Head of Worldwide Channels, added: “The complexities and regulatory requirements of GDPR are such that the channel has a real opportunity to step up and assume the position of technology champion and genuine trustee of GDPR delivery for organizations looking to May 25 and beyond. Through working closely with us, and using Commvault’s advanced data protection offerings as the foundation for many of their broader GDPR technology offerings, our partners are not only growing their pipelines, but more importantly growing true, long-term, and successful, customer relationships.”

Many organizations are struggling with GDPR compliance. Commvault’s recent “Measuring IT’s Readiness for Digital Business” study of 1,200 IT executives and personnel uncovered that more than 60 percent of respondents believe they have access to less than half of their organization’s data.

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