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Huawei upcoming products to boast advanced AI capabilities in India


 As part of its focus on innovation and bridging the digital divide, Huawei CBG, boosts its efforts on the innovation of AI capabilities in India. The company has focused on customer research and localization of its offerings to provide the best ever experience on mobile phones. Furthermore, in this endeavor, it has also created a specialized team that focuses on R&D, here in India.

By developing the core technologies of chips and the cloud, Huawei will be able to deliver the user experiences that will define the future of smartphone in the smart era. After the launch of Huawei P20 Pro series, Huawei’s new upcoming products will witness advanced AI capabilities.

James Lu, Director of AI product management at Huawei Consumer Business Group, said, “At Huawei, we want to create an elite mobile ecosystem and offer products that not only offer distinctive user experience but also enhance the way consumer connects with one other. The Intelligent Smartphones, enabled by AI capabilities, will be an extension of who we are, allowing us to seamlessly interact and enrich the way we experience the world around us”

“Globally, we are one of the top investors in R&D and we work together with the world’s best intellectual resources to strengthen our innovation capability. We at Huawei see tremendous potential in the India market and are focused on fostering innovation here by bringing cutting-edge technologies to the country”, he further added.

At Huawei, the company is focused on offering meaningful innovation to offer a differentiated experience to the consumer. Through its continued investment in R&D, Huawei will drive the next era of innovation to inspire and empower mankind.

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