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Sony’s new High Power Audio systems MHC-V81D, MHC-V71D


 These models have been presented in the market remembering the developing interest of one box style audio system. Clients will now get more choice to browse at different value focuses.

Lift up the party environment with TAIKO and the new guitar input modes

The new TAIKO mode, as the name proposes in Japanese, enables one to utilize their High Power Audio one-box system like a drum. Client can add bend to their main tunes by tapping the touch board and appreciate the sounds of an assortment of drum samplers, or tap to the musicality and contend with companions for the highest score. In the soul of rivalry, one can likewise challenge their companions to see who can party most to win the “Party King” title.

Get the party off to a blazing begin with staggering guitar aptitudes! The new guitar input mode3 takes guitar playing to the following level with the progressive capacity of producing guitar overdrive sound impacts without the utilization of an expert guitar enhancer. The client can connect low register guitar to the High Power Audio system to support the bass and create wonderful sounds.

All the High Power Audio one-box systems accompany interesting property, for example, signal control highlight that empowers one to be the DJ with an influx of a hand. The audio system is additionally empowered with Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) which helps support the nature of any compacted music records.

Change the lounge into a move floor with 360˚ party lights and 360˚ LIVE SOUND

These one box style High Power Audio systems spread uproarious and powerful sounds around the room, on account of the coordinated spread sound generator. Furthermore, MHC-V81D dustproof and its best surface is splashproof alongside a 360˚ LIVE SOUND. The MHC-V71D is outfitted with LIVE SOUND component for high quality music yield. They will be the focal point of any party space as the MHC-V71D and MHC-V81Dmodels host ostentatious 360˚ get-together lights that enlighten the room making the ideal party environment. With reasonable MHC-V41D audio system, one can transform the house into a dance club as it can synchronize speaker lights with the beat of the music for a genuine club climate. With extra 2x tweeters, MHC-V81D can accomplish 360˚ sound field. Indeed, even solid from the back of the unit is comparative level of dB adequate recurrence for bass sound.

Investigate fun highlights like “Fiestable” app

MHC-V81D, MHC-V71D and MHC-V41D can unite the entire party with its one of a kind intuitive highlights that gets everyone included. With the going with “Fiestable” app, client can without much of a stretch control party highlights. DJ Control; client can control, DJ impact (Isolator/Flanger/Wah/Pan), Sampler (Drums/Voice/and so forth.), and EQ. Additionally client can oversee light of those models.

Consistent gushing with Bluetooth and NFC

Associate sound and in addition companions with the Wireless Party Chain by means of Bluetooth include which would now be able to interface up to 50 good systems together. Client can likewise have multi gadget availability so the power of the DJ can be passed around by associating a few smartphones to the speaker enabling distinctive individuals from the party to play their main tune effectively. All the three High Power Audio systems are empowered withNFC for consistent spilling. The LDAC sends approximately three times a larger number of information than traditional Bluetooth audio for a prevalent remote listening background.

Peruse music through Music Center App

The Music Center app lets one control music and sound settings ideal from the phone. The Fiestable module puts the client responsible for light hues and empowers one to initiate DJ and karaoke modes. Roll out improvements with a flick of the wrist with instinctive movement control.

Versatile one box outline

The one of a kind outline of these audio systems accomplishes easy transportability in the lounge. The haggles bar make it simple to move around, making it the ideal expansion to any party. The systems are additionally installed with a possibility for worked in DVD/CD player and HDMI yield.

These High Power Audio systems will be accessible over all Sony Center and major electronic stores in India. 

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