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BenQ launches Interactive Flat Display RM5501K for interactive learning

 BenQ has unleashed BenQ RM5501K, education interactive panel show alongside spearheading items including laser projectors, digital signages etc. 

BenQ has unleashed BenQ RM5501K, its most recent education interactive panel show alongside spearheading items including laser projectors, digital signages and dustproof projectors different segments.

Proceeding with its attention on consistent and interactive learning, BenQ, uncovered its new RM5501K education interactive flat panel offering exact situating to ensure a streamlined and ultra-smooth handwriting experience that can adequately improve class collaboration and understudy investment.

The RM5501K 4K UHD 55 is intended to take advantage of the dynamic potential outcomes of the classroom and help educators construct a solid and drawing in learning condition. Not exclusively does the RM5501K accompany the Eye-Care solution, however it is additionally introduced with capable explanation devices for enhanced class interest.

Rajeev Singh, MD, BenQ India expressed, “Considering how cooperative technologies can enable improve to keen learning in classrooms, our new BenQ RM5501K is your definitive interactive presentation to accomplish a touch-enhanced, smooth and fun learning experience. We will keep on outlining our portfolio with extraordinary quality and keen highlights, lighting up our consistent pledge to convey the best experience crosswise over divisions.”

BenQ has revealed a variety of Interactive Flat Panels including RP6501K, RP750K, RP860K which are the most recent expansion to the new group of 4K IFPs. These new 4K flat panels are built to convey a staggering picture and highlights an excellent outline, bother free settings, coordinated effort apparatuses and inventive technologies in light of medical advantages to empower drawing in communication that rethinks the gathering room and classroom.

Alongside this, BenQ exhibited its extensive variety of digital signage solutions which incorporates ST430K and ST650K. Conveying 4K resolution for enhanced commitment, the items highlight a thin outline and MDA application for problem free presentation control. Both showcases are accessible with X-Sign software, enabling clients to easily make and oversee content.

BenQ additionally showed its laser Projector – LH890UST which is the most recent option to its BlueCore run projectors. The projector conveys amazing WUXGA pictures with flawless DLP picture quality, with 20,000 long periods of ensured support free high brilliance output from its BlueCore laser light source. In addition, it likewise incorporates the presentation of dustproof projectors DX808ST and MW826ST for clients that can appreciate the unmatched sturdiness and execution of each offering of BenQ’s Dustproof line of projectors.

Key features of RM550IK include:

 Ultra-Smooth Handwriting Enhances Collaborative Learning

With the nonstop progression of our touchscreen technology, RM5501K offers dual pens for synchronous cooperation with two distinct hues that enable two clients to compose or draw with various hues all the while, making it perfect for enthusiastic classroom exercises. Moreover, it offers adaptable presentation of brush mode for inventive education with the ability of normally showing distinctive stroke thickness in light of various kinds of instruments used to compose or draw on the screen, offering instructors and understudies a more common composition experience. RM5501K is fit for recognizing strokes made with fingers, the IFP stylus, watercolor brush or even pencil. This novel element makes RM5501K perfect for illustration or creation in art classes.

 Eye-Care Solution

RM550IK is TÜV-affirmed low blue light technology and flicker-free technology. Blue light outflows from showcases may cause antagonistic wellbeing impacts, for example, macular degeneration or upset melatonin secretion. BenQ’s Low Blue Light technology limits blue light introduction and takes into account more beneficial time spent before the showcase. Furthermore, RM5501K’s enemy of glare glass surface can adequately lessen reflections, freeing understudies from over the top squinting with more legible text and pictures, keeping away from eye strain and encouraging more effective instruction.

Foster Active Learning & Collaborative Interaction

RM550IK comes outfitted with intelligent handwriting acknowledgment. The RM5501K’s handwriting acknowledgment include enables moderators to at the same time convert composed text, numbers, forms, and illustrations into legible materials without exchanging modes while successfully encouraging teaching flow. It offers remote solution for consistent coordinated effort and encourages teaching flow with cordial outline.

Upgrading viability and nimbleness RM550IK has forward looking speakers and external amplifier good for more impactful learning. RM5501K repositions the 20W sound speakers to the front, offering better solid transmission that raises the level of varying media happiness amid classes. Furthermore, RM5501K accompanies a Mic-In port that enables educators to associate external mouthpieces, additionally encouraging an impactful and powerful learning experience for students.

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