IT News Alert:heres-what-huawei-india-is-planning-for-its-next-flagship-device

Here’s what Huawei India is planning for its next flagship device

 After launch of Huawei P-series, Nova series,, Huawei is planning to bring a quicker, more powerful  and 5G prepared smartphone to the India market.

After a successful launch of the widely praised Huawei P-series and Nova series, Huawei Consumer Group additionally reinforces its exceptional portfolio with the launch of its profoundly foreseen flagship devices, coming to India one month from now.

The up and coming flagship devices are an outflow of the Mate Series’ DNA. As a major aspect of the most exceptional smartphone series, these devices will speak to the best of On-Device AI—or ‘a higher intelligence.’ It will convey a smarter AI encounter closer to consumers. Besides, it will motivate innovativeness and profitability; enabling clients to convey what needs be, unhindered by mechanical bottlenecks. Likewise given the life span of expansive batteries, these devices will empower the consumers to release their potential and experience their lives without limitations. These will be the ultimate devices with convincing and ground-breaking features all enclosed by an advanced plan.

Huawei is centered around conveying the client encounters that characterizes the eventual fate of smartphone in the brilliant period. Through its continued investment in R&D, Huawei will drive the following time of innovation to motivate and engage mankind.

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