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Xiaomi Sets Guinness World Record by buiding largest light mosaic (logo)

 Xiaomi Sets Guinness World Record by buiding largest light mosaic (logo). Also opens its COCO Mi Home Experience Center in Bengaluru. 

Xiaomi India has accomplished amazingly, one more landmark accomplishment this year by making its first GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS feat by building the biggest light mosaic (logo) on the planet. Delineating its prevalent Mi logo, the light mosaic was spread out by amassing 9,690 knobs, a noteworthy milestone given the tender loving care and unpredictability of the example work. This Guinness World Records accomplishment currently sits gladly on the patio of Xiaomi’s new head office in Bengaluru.

The light mosaic by Xiaomi India was an uncommon activity driven by the Brand Marketing group to feature the brand’s stunning voyage in India, in the wake of having developed exponentially in only a long time since its commencement to end up the no. 1 smartphone brand of the country. Intended to symbolize the aggregate commitment of Xiaomi India representatives and Mi fans, who have all added to the general achievement of the brand, it additionally features the brand’s exertion towards seeking after whimsical methods of advertising and special strategies, which separates it from most other smartphone brands.

What’s more, Xiaomi propelled its Mi Home Experience Store today in India. Situated in the Xiaomi head office expanding on the ground floor, the new Mi Home Experience Store ranges more than 2000 sq. ft, and will be the 50th Mi Home in India. This Mi Home outlet is a Company Owned and Company Operated (COCO) store, demonstrating the brand’s quick advancement in creating inventive retail measures while additionally upgrading client experience. The company as of late opened its first COCO store in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, after the government permitted 100% computerized SBRT.

This new Mi Home Experience store reflects Xiaomi’s enthusiasm to include more value towards building innovative retail segment in India. First of its kind, the new Mi Home will seamlessly integrate retail efforts extending from supply-chain management to item accessibility and delivery measures, by bringing it entirely under the brand’s governance. Xiaomi India will oversee every retail process of this store, hence enabling complete brand transparency. As a result, Xiaomi customers and Mi Fans are set to increase immense benefits by directly interacting with the brand at each stage of the retail process, while erasing any extra corporate layers. This further empowers Xiaomi customers to enjoy more intimate brand relationship due to increased efficiency of this model. Some of the innovative items in plain view are the Mi Robot vacuum which is an exceptionally intelligent home cleaning device that has 12 sensors to guide it through a house, Mi Smart Washing Machine which can be controlled utilizing one’s smartphone through which the washing process can be customized, and a Mi Electric scooter which can travel upto 30 kms on a single charge, and is 5 times faster than strolling.

Serving as an extension of Xiaomi’s unique business model, the flagship Mi Home stores wed the efficiency of the brand’s e-commerce with great offline retail user experience. The new Mi Home is set to give Indian consumers and Mi Fans of Bengaluru a chance to increase direct, valuable experience of Xiaomi’s diverse cluster of devices in India.

On this occasion, Anuj Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Xiaomi India shared that, “It has been another incredible year for us with our first Guinness World Records accomplishment to celebrate. At Xiaomi India, we keep development at the core of all that we do, guaranteeing that we convey the best of our creative innovation to our customers crosswise over India at the most fair evaluating. A similar component of advancement likewise applies to our promoting endeavors which brings the best of our inventive capacities to the front line. This Guinness World Records feat was a straightforward, yet ardent tribute to all our Mi Fans and Xiaomi representatives who have brought the best out of us and added to our incredible voyage.”

On opening a Mi Home Experience Store in its office, he included, “This is a unique benchmark for Xiaomi India with our 50th Mi Home divulging new, transformational retail openings through our COCO initiatives, while conveying the best of shopping experience to clients in India. Other than satisfying our objective of reinforcing disconnected nearness in the country, Mi Home likewise breathes life into our New Retail idea by guaranteeing our online business productivity achieves our retail clients as they keep getting a charge out of the advantages of a private retail client experience. We trust that our Mi Fans and clients in Bengaluru accept the open door to visit this symbolic store and take advantage of our creative product offering up.”

Mi Home has risen among a standout amongst the best single branded experience store chains in the nation. Xiaomi India intends to open 100 Mi Home stores in India by end of this current year, and is as of now part of the way through with its objective.

Prior this year, Xiaomi India group moved from a solitary floor office space into an open, new office building traversing four floors. With the ability to house more than 700 workers, this huge 180,000 sq. ft office shows present day, contemporary insides with a burst of dynamic hues, depicting the vivacious workplace.

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